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■ Age Reckoning Law

Japan introduced the Western calendar system on December 22, 1902. This law is referred to in Japanese Wikipedia, but I don't find any English translation in the Internet. So, let me try to translate it briefly here.

The Japanese government introduced the Western calendar system in counting the number of years, but failed to change the Japanese counting system between days.

Still now, with regard to counting the birthday, it is required to include both the starting day and the ending day.

In other words, a person's birthday doesn't fall on the birthday but falls on the day just before the birthday, exactly according to the Japanese law.

※ On this site, let me allow to call the Japanese legal calendar system as "Japan's legal birthday".

Unfortunately, it seems that the Japanese government uses this legal counting system in some conspiracies as a secret code.

それまでの数え年に代えて、満年齢を使用するよう定められる。 しかしながら、年齢計算では本法により例外的に初日(出生日)を起算日とすることになっている。 この関係で満了日も1日前倒しされ、年を取る日は誕生日の前日となる。

※ この誕生日を本サイトでは「法律誕生日」と呼ぶことにする。

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