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Flag of Saudi Arabia and Flag of Vietnam

Flag of Japan

Flag of Saudi Arabia

Flag of Vietnam

The flag of Saudi Arabia indicates one of the two Chinese characters of "Japan".

It is already obvious that Japan has influenced a lot in implementing the national flag in many countries. And Saudi Arabia is no exception.

And it is highly probable that Japan is robbing Middle East of its crude oil and that most nations in the Middle East have been Japan's secret colonies.

Japan's skill in camouflage and deception is beyond imagination. And most of the human beings including its victims have been completely deceived.

Saudi Arabia adopted the national flag on March 15, 1973. But the day was February 11, 1973 in the Japanese calendar, which marked the 100th anniversary of the first celebration of the Japanese national foundation day (including both ends).

In the traditional Japanese calculation, it has been common to include both ends. For example, the day after tomorrow is the third day in the Japanese tradition, though the day is numerically the second day.

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